Village Alive Trust
Village Alive Trust


The Project is managed by the Village Alive Trust - a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Edward Holland, Heritage consultant, Holland Heritage


Patti Griffiths, Journalist (retired) (Trustee)


David Binding, Barrister and specialist in corporate governance and company law (Trustee)

Vivienne Morgan Jones

Ken Prandy, Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University (Trustee)


Jean Prosser, Parish Priest (Retired)


Vivienne Morgan Jones retired civil servant


Edward Baylis, Farmer

Cathy Clarke, Historical artefacts recorder

Eric Evans, Draughtsman, designer and illustrator

Caroline Macdonald

Ruaridh Macdonald, Company director

Jean Prandy, School teacher (retired)

Chris Fleming-Jones, Architect (retired)

Morgan Baynham

Eric Evans

Rebekah Browning, landscape architect

The Trust is staffed entirely by volunteers and running costs are kept to a minimum.

A company registered in Wales. Company No. 5148543 Charity Commission No. 1107216. Registered Office: New House, Cefn Llytha Farm, Llangattock Lingoed, Abergavenny, NP7 8NT. Tel: 01873 821418